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I know I was planning to save this but it’s derpy day.

I felt bad for “writing out” ditzy and dinky the way I did, especially in light of recent events (if only for how others felt about it), so I made this little epilogue.

I made a whole script for this one because I had to go somewhere before making it

Panel 1:

On the boat with Discord Hooves.

Wing Ace: Is there any chance some one could escape time displacement like that?

Discord Hooves: Well, if they can find their way back into the timeline.

Panel 2:

Dinky and Daring are looking at a bunch of tf2 bodies in hydro.

Green Text: Hydro Dam, Teufort. March 28, 1968

Text Box: …but the odds are rather slim…

Dinky: Wow Daring, that was scarry. Good work though!

Daring: LULZ PWNT! (Hahaha we owned them). Not bd 4 oc vrzn 2. (Not bad for an OC version of Dinky yourself)

Panel 3:

Daring: i wunt be forget. i xsts. i thk there4 i am rgt? (I won’t be forgotten. I exist. I think therefore I am right?)

Dinky: Mommy, you can stop “helping” them now!

Panel 4: Pan to the side a bit, Ditzy is pinning down a heavy

Daring: b sur to rd my nex bok, Daring Doo n troll fortrz 2! (Be sure to read my next book, Daring Do and troll fortess 2!)

Ditzy: I just don’t know what…went wrong?

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